UGR research uncovers the unknown work of magpies: they disperse seeds in the countryside and thus help to regenerate forests and agroecosystems

The magpie is a bird that disperses large seeds such as acorns, nuts or almonds in agroecosystems. This process is key to regenerating forests and regulating the environment. Like other corvid species, a magpie can disperse up to 1,500 acorns in a few weeks. This is demonstrated by a series of experiments carried out as …


Call for 4 research contracts — 2 years of duration

  Shortly, call through the Territorial Delegation of Employment 4 contracts (2 years duration) in the IISTA-UGR: 1. Civil Engineer, interest in Maritime and Coastal Engineering . – Handling of scientific instrumentation and collaboration in field campaigns. – Development of laboratory and numerical tests related to the behavior of marine works: experimental design, model construction, experimental …


Emasagra receives innovation award at the World Water Congress

The Empresa Municipal de Aguas de Granada, Emasagra, owned by the City Council of Granada and Hidralia, part of the Agbar Group, received the Innovation Award today at the 39th World Congress of the International Association for Hydro-Environmental Engineering and Research (IAHR), which opened today in Granada and will run until the 24th with more …

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