Master programmes

Master programmes
  • Interuniversity Master in Environmental Hydraulics

This program aims to deepen and research training and professional advanced specialized and multidisciplinary nature in the field of engineering and the management of natural resources.

The first half is entirely developed in the University of Granada. Its objective is to provide the student with basic knowledge and fundamentals of environmental hydraulics. The second half takes place in each of the participating universities according to the specialization chosen by the student, and its objetive is to provide the development of personal skills and deepening of knowledge in the field of environmental hydraulics.

Participating universities

University of Granada (UGR) – Coordinator of the title
University of Cordoba (UCO)
University of Malaga (UMA)


E1. Integrated management of ports and coasts, CEAMA-UGR
E2. Integrated management of watersheds, UCO
E3. Aero-hydrodynamics of vehicles, UMA
E4. Management of aquatic ecosystems, UGR

  • Official Master in Geophysics and Meteorology

The Master of geophysics and meteorology aims to provide the students with a basic and methodological training in geophysics and meteorology that allows them to both their initiation in research in related topics and their incorporation into companies that require specialists in various fields of application of geophysics and meteorology. Training in these fields, in which noted a huge training gap at the national level, is directed both to researchers as to technicians who will be dedicated to develop their professional work in fields such as fire prevention, the impact of agricultural planning, weather forecasting, climate change, water management, energy resources wind and solar seismic and volcanic prevention and the application of geophysical methods for exploration geological, archaeological or engineering field, etc.

Taught a course in IISTA:

  1. Advanced techniques in remote sensing of aerosol
  2. Remote sensing, GIS and GPS

  • Official Master in onservation, anagement and Restoration of Biodiversity

This Master’s degree is inscribed as a development of graduate studies of biology, environmental sciences and other grades of experimental and technical sciences of similar characteristics.

This Master aims to bring closer the vision of the international programme DIVERSITAS UNESCO student graduadolicenciado that I may learn to know, value and manage the biological resources we have consistently, encompassing from the basics with a more academic and scientific, to aspects of applied and professional interest.

The four axes of knowledge and action proposed in this Master are:

1. knowledge of the evolution of biodiversity in space and in time to reach the current state.
2. transfer of scientific knowledge to managers and restorers of natural spaces and the politicians.
3. knowledge of how it is changing the existing biodiversity, in good part by the action of human activity, and how it can affect the functioning of the Earth System.
4. awareness of the economic value of natural resources, the services provided by ecosystems and their sustainable use.

Taught a course in IISTA:

  • Ecoinformatics.